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Updated: May 25

Bio-Molecular Tech Save our Environment

From biochemistry to Bio-molecular solution a healthy evolution They have known filtration technology since ancient Egypt and Greece. Today, some scientists believe biochemistry and molecular biology is the best biology and chemistry. Aqueous Solutions Global water treatment technology is based on the idea of filtration, which uses the oxidation and adsorption characteristics of molecular biology principal to create the best solution product bio-molecular tech transform a non chemical water treatment industry to produce the highest quality healthy drinking tap Water I don't want lecture anyone I just want to explain everyone to understand how Our technology use biological chemistry and molecules -Oxidation and Adsorption scientific principle to completely remove contamination from water. Aqueous Solutions Global currently use tow products AP Oxidation and AM Adsorption. these are patented and acquired Gold seal from Water Quality Association and NSF-61 drinking water standard. An oxidant is a molecule, atom, or ion that loses electrons. The oxidized substance (which lost the electrons) increases in positive valence. Oxidation never occurs alone, but always occurs, with another substance, as part of the oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction. The reduced substance gains electrons and thereby, decreases in positive valance. The total number of electrons lost by one agent (reducer) to an oxidizing agent (oxidant) is the same total number of electrons gained by the substance. Oxidation results in an increase of positive valance. Examples of oxidation agents include oxygen, ozone, chlorine, peroxide, Bromine and Aqueous Solutions Global AP Oxidation Media. unlike other oxidation agents Aqueous Solutions Global AP Oxidation Media is the only one can convert Arsenic 3 to Arsenic 5 and remove Microorganism and Total organic Carbon does not forming disinfection byproducts. AM Adsorption Media is a proprietary Aqueous Solutions Global media designed for rapid, high capacity removal of inorganics and metals; such as Arsenic and Fluoride from potable and process water streams. The designation of AM in the product name, is derived from the two functional components of the media: Alumina and Manganese. AM Adsorption Media is an activated alumina (AA) /Manganese complex, using a patented process developed by Aqueous Solutions Global. Chemical grafting begins by first binding an oxidizing agent to selected activated alumina in a slurry of de-ionized water and other enabling chemistries. We use a proprietary oxidant, which at the level employed, provides complete binding. This complete binding is permanently. it remove the contaminate from environment permanently. This energy free technology reduce the cost for Municipalities to produce the highest Quality Safe Drinking Tap Water significantly. I'm welcome Scientists, Doctors and Professors discuss and leave a note here about this topic. US patent US20080277355A1 More Article: Who's gonna save you, when Doctors and nurses died? How many people have to die to make you understand?! Solution for highest Quality Drinking Water and Profitable Business be a Smart Water Consumer Question EPA Safe Drinking Water Act Jenny Badger Founder Global Health Water Foundation info@globalhealthywater.org phone: 1(804)938-0248 all rights reserved VA USA


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