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Updated: May 27

In ancient China, there was a county magistrate named Ye, and everyone called him Ye Gong. Ye Gong likes things about dragons very much. Whether it ’s decorations, beams, doors and windows, dishes, clothes, there are dragons on it. Even a big and big dragon is painted on the wall of his home. the dragon's pattern can be seen everywhere! "My favorite is the dragon!" Ye Gong said proudly to everyone. One day, Ye Gong's love for dragons was known by the real dragons in the sky. real dragon said, "It's rare that someone likes dragons so much. I have to visit him at home!" He put his head into the window and shouted, "Is Ye Gong at home?" Ye Gong shouted in shock when he saw the real dragon: "Wow! Monster!" The real dragon felt very strange and said, "How do you say me Is a monster? I am your favorite dragon! "Ye Gong shivered in fear and said," I like a fake dragon on the wall, not a real dragon, help me. 

For decades leadership and humanists talk about Water problems, how much they love and eager to help people get clean drinking water, Lawmakers EPA make regulations for clean water act since 1974. now the Healthy Drinking Tap Water Technology is here this technology produces the highest quality clean drinking tap water with healing power(Healthy Drinking Tap Water), Global Healthy Water Foundation promotes Aqueous Solutions Global Company's Solutions recommend Municipalities and Utilities to use this solution to proved highest quality Healthy Drinking Tap Water for the Communities to prevent diseases and Pandemic diseases keep the public stay healthy, lower carbon emission, lower healthcare costs. Leaders and Humanitarians, what is your love and responsibility for maintaining the implementation of the Clean Water Act Law to protect Public Health and save Millions of Lives? Is your Love for clean Water Act just like YeGong Love Dragons?

EPA Summary of the Clean Water Act

Clean Water Act (CWA) Compliance Monitoring

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