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jNew invention Break though new invention SP-Diocide a healing gas for ventilation breath to kill corona virus is ready in supply.

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Jul 05, 7:00 PM
Biomolecular introduction

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My Name is Jenny Badger, I’m the founder of Global Healthy Water and Board member of Aqueous solutions global, today I'd like to introduce our Ambitious and humanitarian strategic Plan Free healthcare for all. Promote Global one healthy water to safe people’s life, minimize the chance that people getting illness, cancer, gene destruction, restore the ecosystem to create a better future for generations to come.

Our world is facing a climate change crisis, the current pandemic crisis is part of them. it all related to our environment ecosystem Water. recently I watched a youtube video from the UNESCO world water assessment program, Richard Connor Chief of the United Nation's World Water Development Report, he said:" Climate change affects to society mainly through water" that's right. Water is the reason causes society's health and the planet's health problems. Why do we have a water crisis? because of water pollution and water treatment technology problem. I don't want to talk too much about pollution problems because I think most people know what causes water pollution, I like to talk about water treatment technology problems. Traditional water treatment technology has defects. it cost lots of energy to produce that water sims clean but the water quality still is contaminated. include bottled water and filtered water. this is the painful truth. the water treatment technology problem caused our society and planet problems, effected by Physical and mental health, including newborn defect and low IQ. it like a Vicious circle. waste society resources, energy, and funding. 

According to Wikipedia water quality refers to the chemical, physical, biological, and radiological characteristics of water, now let me tell you why traditional water treatment technology can't produce healthy water. I'm follow the four characteristic of water: Chemical I find a scandal on Government EPA website, National Primary Drinking Water Regulations has clearly listed disinfectants that the water industry uses to treat water as contamination. and theses disinfectants during the water process builded disinfection byproducts are also is a contamination. it could cause cancer and nerve problems. physical the water industry could not removing total organic carbon. biological the water industry can't meet four log microorganisms reduction. let explain to you what is 4log reduction means reduce the microorganism by 99.99% and 5log reduction is 99.999%. radiological don't even talk about, This is the truth about the current water industry.

The good news is there is one technology in this world that can solve the water problem, I like to tell you about what the difference this technology can make that water can have the health benefit. I'm still following the definition of water quality from Wikipedia, the first chemical will not build disinfection byproducts. the second physical it removes the total organic carbon, third biological it reduce microorganism by 99.99% to 99.999%, four: it can remove Radiological substances from water. and this technology is the only one can remove the most toxic form of Arsenic 3.

Now I'd like to talk about sustainability, benefit, and why we can achieve the goal of Free healthcare for all.

Sustainability, this technology can reduce the utility operator costs significantly. it transform utilities to a no require heavy machinery to operate , no energy using, no emission, no maintenance eco-utility and produces the unsurpassed water quality resource saving healthy drinking tap water. reduce the use of bottled water and home filtration system. benefit to the environment. this water is the real meaning do not contain any hazardous substances but contains mineral benefited your health. maybe you will questioning is this technology real? or this is magic, my answer is it is real and it has the charm of innovative technology magic. this technology is patented and has approved by the water quality association gold seal twice. it was certified and permitted for use over 30 states in the United States. and it has passed toxicity characteristic leaching procedure. the benefit to the world has profound social significance. it saves people's life when a natural disaster happens. this technology enables everyone to generate healthy water anywhere, anytime. saving the government aid resource transport bottled water to disaster area. 

With the promotion and popularization of using this technology, eventually to benefit the health of society and our planet, help agriculture grow healthy corp secure harvest and secure food safety. prevent the pandemic and chronic diseases keeps everyone stays healthy, maybe you will ask how water can prevent the pandemic and chronic diseases? yes, where is the pandemic and chronic diseases come from? it comes from contaminated water. the virus is a life of microorganism, they need water for live too. without water, they could survive only for one period of time. so most pandemic diseases are spreader by water. I'm Not excluded from animal to person or person to person spread, but the viruses spread started from water. chronic diseases come from the water and food, you drinking and eating every day, the contaminated water with the chemicals, dissolved heavy metals, and microorganisms. day by day you take into your body, it slowly destroys your body healthy gene, causes the diseases and causes newborn defects. that's also why the coronavirus attacks" weak" people easily. these "weak" people I mean is the person have less healthy gene in they are body... We should understand the notion of healthcare, healthcare is prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. prevention is an important part of healthcare, prevention is an initiative way to protect health it avoid us suffer from diseases saves the procedure of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Healthy water keeps everyone staying healthy, we need healthcare only for accidents. that could reduce the government and private's expending for healthcare to achieve the goal of free healthcare for all. 

This great life saving project is huge and it takes time needs everyone be involved from city planer to utility system designer, equipment manufacture, health department to the environment and waste management….please visit our website to find out what you can do to be part of this project to benefit your business and your family health.


Global Healthy Water is promoting the Global one healthy Water movement to prevent pandemic and chronic diseases. Our goal is to enhance the health quality of the society and the environment. Transform the utilities around the world to Eco-Utilities use the meaningful real green technology it is Energy free and maintenance free to produce the healthy drinking tap water with healing power to nature and all biological species. We work on the Project of health, through promoting Global One Healthy Water to eliminated water caused diseases, free humans and animals to suffer from diseases. relief the burden of Government Healthcare expending and Create jobs.


Global Healthy Water Foundation is a spin-off of Aqueous Solutions Global, We are the Exclusive official power to authorization license and franchise biomolecule healthy drinking water tap water technology and processing product portfolio. Anyone's claim of healthy water without Global Healthy Water authorization is regarded as a violation of Consumer Rights and Copy Rights

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